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Our professional investigators at MSH PI, INC. have been providing investigative services for both business and consumer clients for over 18 years in the United States and in South Korea.

MSH PI, INC. is led by Chief Investigator, Myung Soo Han, who possesses 40 years of extensive investigative experience in both private and public sectors. Prior to founding MSH PI, INC., Mr. Han has held various high-ranking positions with the South Korean Law Enforcement Agencies. It is his hands-on investigative experiences that make MSH PI, INC. the industry leader it is today.

Under the leadership of Mr. Han, our associate investigators worldwide are focused on providing our business and individual clients with the utmost professional investigative services.

We are proud to be affiliated with:
FBI-CA, The Korean Community Police and Sheriff Affairs, Professional Investigators of California, and The National Unification Advisory Council.

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